Picard Season 2 Review

After ten weeks the story is over. The final episode of Picard season 2 is now available to watch on Amazon. I saw the show last night and enjoyed every minute of it. If I had to describe the finale in one word it would be “heartwarming”. So what’s Picard season 2 about? It stars... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Riker’s Beard

I have recently learnt that “Riker’s beard” is the opposite of “jumping the shark”. When a popular TV show starts to go downhill, it jumps the shark. When an unimpressive TV show suddenly becomes brilliant, that’s a Riker’s beard moment. Riker, of course, is Commander William Riker of the USS Enterprise. He first appeared with... Continue Reading →

Which is the best Star Trek?

I’ve been on a mission to watch every episode of Star Trek. So far, I’ve completed all of Voyager and Deep Space 9, and most of Enterprise. I’m up to date with Picard, half way through season 4 of Discovery, and half way through season one of Next Generation. Before I began my fantastic voyage,... Continue Reading →

Picard season two is still good

I was worried about the second series of Picard. The show’s first season was so good. What if it fizzled out? I’ve seen two episodes so far (an instalment is released every Friday). There was nothing to worry about. It looks like Picard series two is going to be brilliant. So what’s it about? I... Continue Reading →

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