Fortitude season one is the best

Fortitude (2015–2018) is a three season British horror drama set on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic. One story arc flows through all three seasons. So if you watch it, you’ll need to start from episode one. Each season has quite a different feel. The first is an ordinary crime mystery. After a man... Continue Reading →

Why is Bridgerton so popular?

It still amazes me that the Netflix drama Bridgerton is an American production. It just seems so British. And who can be blamed for thinking that? It’s set in early 19th-century London and focuses on the love lives of the aristocratic Bridgerton family. Few things are more British, or perhaps English, than romanticising the aristocracy.... Continue Reading →

Was Bulgasal worth watching?

I have finally finished watching Bulgasal, the South Korean drama about a 600-year-old monster. It was 16 episodes long, which sometimes felt like too many. But was it worth sitting through? Bulgasal stars Lee Jin-wook as Dan Hwal, the monster of the title. With his strong jaw and highly symmetrical face he must be one... Continue Reading →

The Adam Project is a reliable Reynolds pic

There’s a new Ryan Reynolds film on Netflix. It’s called The Adam Project and it’s about a time traveller (Reynolds) who meets his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell). Together, they work on some family issues and do some sci fi action movie stuff. Is The Adam Project worth watching? Personally, it didn’t rock my world but... Continue Reading →

Picard season two is still good

I was worried about the second series of Picard. The show’s first season was so good. What if it fizzled out? I’ve seen two episodes so far (an instalment is released every Friday). There was nothing to worry about. It looks like Picard series two is going to be brilliant. So what’s it about? I... Continue Reading →

My week in science fiction tv viewing

Y: The Last Man (2021) is available to watch on Disney+. It tells the story of what happens when nearly all creatures with a Y chromosome die on the same day. The Y in the title refers to a 27-year-old magician called Yorick; he and his pet monkey survive the catastrophe, but nobody knows why.... Continue Reading →

Six TV favourites in six months

This television review blog is just over six months old. In the last half year I’ve enjoyed shows on Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Apple TV. To celebrate I’ve decided to list six productions that really stuck in my mind. For All Mankind. 2 seasons. I loved this show because it was both... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind is amazingly good tv

The Americans were the first to put a man on the Moon. What would’ve happened if the Soviets had beaten them to it? The makers of For All Mankind think it would’ve encouraged the US government to make space its number one priority. For All Mankind is an alternative history drama about the astronauts and... Continue Reading →

The Flight Attendant is a good show

The Flight Attendant is an eight-part comedy-thriller starring Kaley Cuoco as Cassie, a woman wrongly suspected of murder by the FBI. The trauma of waking up next to a corpse triggers something in Cassie. As she tries to clear her name, her emotions begin to unravel. Cuoco plays this role with her usual likeable charm.... Continue Reading →

Resident Alien: Season 1 Review

I watched season one of Resident Alien in three days straight. This sharp and original comedy is the best show I've seen all year. It stars Alan Tudyk as Harry, an extraterrestrial living in disguise in a Colorado mountain town. Tudyk is supported by a talented cast, including Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees and Judah... Continue Reading →

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