Fantasy K-drama recommendations

We all know how Netflix works. Watch one show about cars and it suggests you see all the other shows about cars. The same happened after I saw Hellbound, My Holo Love and Abyss. Netflix is now advertising all its other South Korean fantasies at me. So this week I tried four I hadn’t seen... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Midnight Mass Remarkable

Make sure you’re alert if you watch Midnight Mass. This Netflix miniseries is exceptionally heavy on the dialogue. You’ll still follow the plot if you zone out, but you might miss a lot of the texture. There are so many layers of meaning in Midnight Mass; it feels like a banquet. I think I’d have... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Nobody dies in Skarnes

I really enjoyed Post Mortem: Nobody dies in Skarnes (2021). This quirky Norwegian series is a fresh and original take on the vampire myth. The vampire in this instance is care home assistant Live Hallangen. In the first episode she’s found dead in a field but doesn’t stay like that for long! When she wakes... Continue Reading →

Ares: post-imperial and spooky

I’m starting to sound like a saleswoman for Netflix as all I do here is recommend its shows. But really, you must watch Ares. This eight-part drama from the Netherlands is incredible. Released in 2020, Ares is a thoughtful and considered response to the Dutch imperial past. The story centres on Rosa and Jacob, two... Continue Reading →

Mortel on Netflix

I love Mortel. I finished watching the first season last night. This French-language original from Netflix is one of the best shows I’ve seen for a long time. Mortel is about two teenagers who encounter a Voodoo god called Obé. I’m curious to know whether Obé exists in real life Voodoo. He doesn’t show up... Continue Reading →

This is why I love Black Spot on Netflix

I really enjoy stories where the supernatural element is fairly subtle. I like it when it’s not clear if the ghosts are real or the characters are imagining things. That’s one of the reasons why I love Black Spot (Zone Blanche) on Netflix. In Black Spot the supernatural element is the forest surrounding the fictional... Continue Reading →

The Beetle by Richard Marsh

The Beetle is the best known work of London-born novelist Richard Marsh. This remarkable horror novel was published in 1897, the same year as Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In the first years of publication The Beetle outsold Dracula by six times over. I find it easy to understand why late Victorian readers loved this somewhat gothic... Continue Reading →

Katla: Total Satisfaction

Katla (2021) is an eight-part Netflix drama set in Vik, a coastal settlement near Katla, one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes. I assumed that Katla and Vik were invented for the series, but they’re very real and look well worth a visit. In the show the fictional version of Vik is semi-deserted. The air is hard... Continue Reading →

Three spooky shows to watch on Netflix

What is Jinn? Jinn. 2019. An Arabic language teen drama made by Netflix in Jordan. What’s it about? On a trip to Petra two teenagers accidentally summon Jinn (supernatural creatures) and take them back to high school. One Jinn is evil, the other is good. Do reviewers and audiences like it? Jinn caused controversy in... Continue Reading →

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