Is My Love from the Star too cheesy?

My Love from the Star is credited with popularising Korean drama outside South Korea. The 21-episode romantic comedy first aired on SBS in 2013 and 2014. It now has classic status and is a must watch for K-drama fans. So, why is My Love from the Star so good? I resisted watching it for a... Continue Reading →

Is “A Castle for Christmas” any good? No

I wanted to love A Castle for Christmas. This new romantic Christmas movie stars Brooke Shields, age 56, and Carey Elwes, age 59. It’s so rare to see romantic movies starring older couples. For this alone, A Castle for Christmas is groundbreaking. Unfortunately, everything else about the movie is meh. Is it worth giving up... Continue Reading →

TV: Is My Holo Love any good?

Minor spoilers coming up. My Holo Love is a scifi-romance series made for Netflix in 2020. It stars Ko Sung-hee as the heroine and Yoon Hyun-min as two of the heroes. Choi Yeo-jin has a noteworthy role as the heroes’ supporter. This South Korean drama has a very original premise. A shy office worker, So-yeon... Continue Reading →

Movie: Love Hard’s Yang is a Christmas star

Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and Jimmy O. Yang (Space Force) star in Love Hard, a Christmas rom com directed by Hernán Jiménez for Netflix. Dobrev plays a writer who travels across country to visit her online crush, Yang, only to discover that he’s catfished her. Fans on social media praised Love Hard on the day... Continue Reading →

TV review: Shrill comedy shows subtle face of prejudice

Shrill (2019–2021) is a three-season comedy-drama set in Portland, Oregon. It stars Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant as twenty-something journalist Annie Easton. British comedian Lolly Adefope plays Fran, a hairdresser and Annie’s housemate. The show is known for its positive portrayal of plus-sized people and its critique of fatphobia. It follows Annie’s journey... Continue Reading →

A brief word on pocket novels

Have you heard of pocket novels? I hadn’t. Then I saw them on sale in the magazine section of my local stationery shop. In the UK, pocket novels are novellas produced by magazines and marketed to their readers. The stories are usually uplifting and often in large, clear print. I don’t read pocket novels all... Continue Reading →

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