The Midwich Cuckoos (2022 TV series)

The Midwich Cuckoos should do well internationally with fans of English television. It’s the most quintessentially English show I’ve seen for ages. It stars English actress Keeley Hawes (Mrs Durrell in The Durrells) and is set in a prosperous suburban town just outside London. Think big brick houses surrounded by green woodland and you’ve got... Continue Reading →

Fortitude season one is the best

Fortitude (2015–2018) is a three season British horror drama set on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic. One story arc flows through all three seasons. So if you watch it, you’ll need to start from episode one. Each season has quite a different feel. The first is an ordinary crime mystery. After a man... Continue Reading →

Is Dexter New Blood worth watching?

I didn’t know if I’d enjoy Dexter New Blood as I haven’t watched the original Dexter. But I needn’t have worried. The spin off works well as a complete story, and it’s not difficult to understand the references to the earlier series. The show is set 10 years after Dexter Morgan’s apparent death in a... Continue Reading →

Is Hellbound better than Squid Game?

Stuart Heritage of the Guardian newspaper thinks Hellbound is “insanely good” and better than Squid Game. He says, “It might currently find itself swept up in Squid Game’s wake, but I guarantee that, of the two, it’s the show that will still be talked about a decade from now.” Stuart Heritage is a professional reviewer... Continue Reading →

TV: Is Hellbound worth watching?

Minor spoilers Hellbound is an intelligent six-part horror drama made by Netflix in South Korea. It works well as an entertaining story and as social commentary. Where Squid Game has its sights on economic matters, Hellbound takes aim at religious certainty and group think. The action revolves around visitations by supernatural beings. An influential Christian... Continue Reading →

Hellbound episode 1 (Netflix K-drama)

Hellbound is a brand new horror from Netflix in South Korea. The six-parter is directed and co-written by Yeon Sang-ho. In 2016, Yeon achieved global recognition for his zombie movie Train to Busan. Yeon’s co-writer on Hellbound is Choi Kyu-seok. Until now, Choi was best known as the writer of the webtoon Awl. This story,... Continue Reading →

Book review: Noodles by Jay Gould

Noodles is a horror novel about a small town battling a strange contagion. Something is transforming the townsfolk into flesh-eating monsters, and it’s out of control! It’s up to Sheriff Sherry Willis and her team to save the day, but will their efforts count against such an outrageous foe? Noodles is a story about ordinary... Continue Reading →

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