How great is Superstore?

All six seasons of Superstore (2015–2021) are available to watch on Netflix. This January I watched the entire run and absolutely loved it. I’d hoped it would be a lightly amusing comedy; it turned out to be something far more profound. Superstore is about the workers at Cloud 9, a Walmart-type store in St Louis,... Continue Reading →

Is the new Sex and the City too woke?

Like Charlotte York Goldenblatt I also read the Daily Mail. And it hasn’t escaped my notice that many of its readers don’t like the new Sex and the City. “Too woke” is one of the most common complaints. The show certainly has changed since the 1998–2004 original, but is that a bad thing? Woke is... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Up is annoying

Don’t Look Up is listed as a comedy on IMDb but it didn’t make me laugh. The movie’s message is way too serious for chuckles. On the surface it’s the story of two astronomers who struggle to convince people that a comet is heading for Earth. Of course, the comet is the climate crisis and... Continue Reading →

And Just Like That is just so good

I can’t imagine the cast of Friends getting back together to film a new tv series. But who knows? It might just work. This month the original team of Sex and the City, another 1990s American tv classic, have shown that sequels can be very good indeed. Of course, it helps when the writers and... Continue Reading →

Fantasy K-drama recommendations

We all know how Netflix works. Watch one show about cars and it suggests you see all the other shows about cars. The same happened after I saw Hellbound, My Holo Love and Abyss. Netflix is now advertising all its other South Korean fantasies at me. So this week I tried four I hadn’t seen... Continue Reading →

TV: Abyss by Moon Soo-yeon

I try to watch a whole Netflix series before reviewing it, but I couldn’t resist coming here to tell you about Abyss. So far I’ve watched five of the sixteen episodes of this South Korean drama. I think it’s just brilliant. Abyss first aired in 2019 on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix worldwide.... Continue Reading →

Who plays Bob Armstrong on Insatiable?

I’m half way through watching season two of Insatiable, a Netflix comedy set in the American state of Georgia. The first season of Insatiable was highly controversial due to the puzzling way that it satirised bigoted attitudes. Season two looks like a very different show. It’s less befuddling and far more openly progressive. Spoilers coming... Continue Reading →

TV: Insatiable’s controversial first season

Insatiable is a Netflix comedy about a 17 year old called Patty who competes in beauty pageants after losing weight. When it was first advertised in 2018 its theme caused immense disquiet. Over 100,000 people signed a petition demanding that Netflix withdraw the show. The petition argued the following: This series will cause eating disorders,... Continue Reading →

Movie: Love Hard’s Yang is a Christmas star

Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and Jimmy O. Yang (Space Force) star in Love Hard, a Christmas rom com directed by Hernán Jiménez for Netflix. Dobrev plays a writer who travels across country to visit her online crush, Yang, only to discover that he’s catfished her. Fans on social media praised Love Hard on the day... Continue Reading →

Who is in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens?

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens is a family comedy about Nora Lin, a young woman who lives with her father and paternal grandmother in Queens, New York. The show is warm-hearted, upbeat and sometimes surreal. The comedy mostly follows the adventures of Nora. She’s a cheerful, lively soul who’s struggling to find a place for... Continue Reading →

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