Is Voyagers movie worth watching?

One evening last week I watched Voyagers (2021), a movie about an intergenerational space ship travelling to a distant planet. I don’t exactly regret watching it, but in the last half I did keep checking how much time was left. That’s not a good sign.

On a visual level the movie looks really good. The space ship is all white and glossy inside. If you get excited by the aesthetic in Apple stores you’ll be impressed by this ship. The actors look good too. The majority of the cast are attractive young people dressed all in black. And Colin Farrell is in it. Hello handsome!

The story was logical but depressing. The people who organised the colony mission decided that normal people wouldn’t be able to cope in enclosed spaces on an 87-year journey. So instead, they bred and raised a group of children in an enclosed space.

The children are given a blue drink to sedate their personalities and keep them docile. Years later, when two young men decide to stop taking the drink, all hell breaks loose. Imagine never experiencing the emotions of adolescence and then having them descend on you all at once.

And that’s it basically.

Voyagers feels like a waste of what could have been a really good story. Even the space ship is a missed opportunity. Why did the psychologists not think that a bit of colour and variety might be good for the young people?

If you’re looking for something okayish to watch while you’re eating your dinner, give Voyagers a go. It’s not horrible but it’s not great either.

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