Picard Season 2 Review

After ten weeks the story is over. The final episode of Picard season 2 is now available to watch on Amazon. I saw the show last night and enjoyed every minute of it. If I had to describe the finale in one word it would be “heartwarming”.

So what’s Picard season 2 about? It stars Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, a retired Starfleet admiral and former captain of the starship Enterprise. Thirty years ago, Stewart played the same character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Season 1 of Picard saw the admiral drawn out of retirement by an unexpected adventure involving androids. By the end of that story he had a new found family of friends. In season 2 Picard and his friends go time travelling to stop the god-like Q changing the timeline. You might recognise the name. Q, still played by John de Lancie, regularly annoyed Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Season 2 had lots of surprises. One of these was the storyline involving Picard’s childhood and the tragedy that shaped his view of himself. I feel like I need to see the season twice to really appreciate that part of it. While watching the middle episodes I felt that Picard’s memories were a messy distraction from the action-packed plot. Finally, in episode 10 it became clear that there was a very strong connection between Picard’s emotional wellbeing and Q’s motives.

Recently, I’ve been rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I should have remembered that Q’s god-like powers include being able to watch you when you don’t know he’s there. If I’d realised that Q was probably invisibly lurking around Picard’s house in episode 1, the emotional part of the story would’ve fallen into place for me a lot earlier.

To me, season 1 of Picard felt like an adrenaline rush and a perfectly written storyline. Season 2 didn’t feel quite as tight or pacy in comparison, but I think it worked well as a story in its own right.

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