The Adam Project is a reliable Reynolds pic

There’s a new Ryan Reynolds film on Netflix. It’s called The Adam Project and it’s about a time traveller (Reynolds) who meets his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell). Together, they work on some family issues and do some sci fi action movie stuff.

Is The Adam Project worth watching? Personally, it didn’t rock my world but I liked it. It reminded me of a Big Mac in the way that it was both formulaic and comforting. The film also called to mind last year’s The Tomorrow War, starring Chris Pratt. Both pictures have a similar mix of time travel and family heartache. Though Pratt’s film has aliens. The Adam Project doesn’t.

When big Adam meets little Adam it’s just a year since the death of their father. Little Adam is a wisecracking trouble maker who doesn’t cut his Mom (Jennifer Garner) enough slack.

Losing a parent when you’re young is hard and can be lonely, because the other kids don’t understand. So all credit to Ryan Reynolds and his team for including it in the plot.

The truly great thing about The Adam Project (apart from little Adam’s amazing forest house) is the casting of 13-year-old Walker Scobell. The lad is so much like Ryan Reynolds it’s uncanny. He also performed the part with such skill, I was convinced I must’ve seen him in a dozen other movies. Amazingly, The Adam Project was Scobell’s debut.

If you like Ryan Reynolds and glossy films with special effects, you’ll like The Adam Project. Is it worth a watch? There’s certainly no reason to avoid it.

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