Picard season two is still good

I was worried about the second series of Picard. The show’s first season was so good. What if it fizzled out? I’ve seen two episodes so far (an instalment is released every Friday). There was nothing to worry about. It looks like Picard series two is going to be brilliant.

So what’s it about? I assume you know that Jean-Luc Picard was captain of the Enterprise in the 1987 to 1994 series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was played by British actor Patrick Stewart. In Picard, Stewart returns again to play Jean-Luc, now a retired Starfleet admiral.

Patrick Stewart isn’t the only Star Trek veteran to appear in Picard. Among others, Jeri Ryan is back as Seven of Nine. And John de Lancie reprises the role of Q, an omnipotent being who enjoys messing everyone about. (No spoilers, but let’s just say Captain Janeway would not be amused.)

Season two begins much like season one, with Picard relaxing at his family’s vineyard in France. Then he’s summoned into space and the rest of the story happens from there.

I wasn’t thrilled by episode one. It was fine but there was nothing in it to suggest where the plot would go. Picard really gets exciting in the second episode. I won’t say a word as I don’t want to ruin it for you!

Can you watch Picard season two without seeing the first one? Don’t even try. The show is a mix of new and old characters. I think you’d miss a lot about the new cast if you didn’t watch the seasons in order.

Is it possible to enjoy Picard without having watched Star Trek: The Next Generation? I think you need to be familiar with the old series but there’s no need to memorise it. I saw it in the 1990s and only vaguely remembered incidents such as that time Picard became a Borg leader. I was still able to enjoy the new Picard.

I have to say. Rewatching the old Star Trek shows definitely lends something to the enjoyment of Picard. I saw season one while doing a rewatch of the complete run of Star Trek: Voyager. That’s the show where the character Seven of Nine first appeared as a rescued Borg drone. The Voyager writers did brilliantly with telling the story of Seven’s growth. I loved seeing how she had developed further in Picard season one.

I’m so glad that Picard season two looks like it’s going to be as good as the first outing. Sometimes the sparkle of a first season just can’t be sustained.

Grapes in a vineyard
Picard has aged like a fine wine

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