Six TV favourites in six months

This television review blog is just over six months old. In the last half year I’ve enjoyed shows on Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Now TV and Apple TV. To celebrate I’ve decided to list six productions that really stuck in my mind.

For All Mankind. 2 seasons. I loved this show because it was both historical drama and science fiction. Set in the sixties, seventies and eighties, it imagined what would’ve happened if the Russians had landed on the Moon first. This show has great characters and stories. I watched it on Apple TV.

Resident Alien. 1 season. This is a comedy about an extraterrestrial trying to live incognito in a small town in Colorado. I loved everything about this charming and delightful show, not least the lead character. Harry the alien is kind of a Sheldon Cooper figure, but far ruder and far more murdery. I watched Resident Alien on Now TV.

You. 3 seasons. This comedy-drama narrated by a serial killer really appealed to me because of the lead character’s dry wit. Each season was different: the first was set in New York, the second in LA and the third in northern California. The plot was totally unpredictable and I enjoyed how the writers satirised popular culture. I watched You on Netflix.

My Love From Another Star. 1 season. This romantic drama is about a Korean actress who falls in love with a 400-year-old alien. For me this show was utterly addictive. It had oodles of tension, suspense and inventiveness. If you’re wondering why the whole world loves K-drama, give My Love From Another Star a go. I watched it on Netflix.

Squid Game. 1 season. This South Korean drama from Netflix was the big hit of autumn 2021. It was easy to see why. With its appealing characters and exciting plot, Squid Game had a lot going for it. My favourite thing about Squid Game was the way it commented on the myth of meritocracy. Naturally, I saw it on Netflix.

Picard. 1 season. I’m a Star Trek fan. Recently I’ve been working my way through all the Star Treks. I started with Enterprise and Voyager, I’m now watching Deep Space 9. One of the many great things about Star Trek is how each series has its own unique feel. Picard is no exception. I loved this show for its plot, characters and visuals. I saw it on Amazon.

You might have noticed that there’s a lot of science fiction on this list. I love stories about space travel and aliens. For the next six months this blog is going to focus on science fiction TV, movies and novels.

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