The Flight Attendant is a good show

The Flight Attendant is an eight-part comedy-thriller starring Kaley Cuoco as Cassie, a woman wrongly suspected of murder by the FBI. The trauma of waking up next to a corpse triggers something in Cassie. As she tries to clear her name, her emotions begin to unravel. Cuoco plays this role with her usual likeable charm.

You might recognise Cuoco’s name and wonder where you’ve seen it before. Cuoco was Penny on the hit US comedy The Big Bang Theory. She’s not the only famous face to appear in The Flight Attendant. Rosie Perez, Merle Dandridge, Zosia Mamet and Michelle Gomez also have major parts in the show.

I love all these actresses but was particularly pleased to see Glasgow-born Michelle Gomez. The Scottish actress specialises in playing strong, direct women. Recently, you might have seen her in Dr Who, Bad Education or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The older I get the more I appreciate the characters that Gomez often plays. They’re assertive and totally uninterested in people-pleasing. Gomez’s character in The Flight Attendant is a role model of sorts, but don’t tell anyone I said so!

I last saw Zosia Mamet in the comedy Girls and Merle Dandridge in the amazing family saga Greenleaf. Rosie Perez has had a lengthy Hollywood career. I first saw her on screen in White Men Can’t Jump.

The Flight Attendant is more than a great cast, it also has a pacy plot with an unpredictable end result. The writers created a very interesting part for the murder victim Alex Sokolov. He dies in episode one but we see plenty of him throughout the season.

If I tell you that Cassie’s an alcoholic and dealing with childhood trauma, you might think The Flight Attendant sounds like very heavy viewing. It’s really not. The show has a brightly coloured 1960s Hitchcockian feel to it, and the background music is fantastic.

I wasn’t totally blown away by The Flight Attendant. It didn’t capture me the way that Korean drama does. But I think it’s a high quality show with lots of layers, and I’m very glad I watched it.

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