Resident Alien: Season 1 Review

I watched season one of Resident Alien in three days straight. This sharp and original comedy is the best show I’ve seen all year. It stars Alan Tudyk as Harry, an extraterrestrial living in disguise in a Colorado mountain town. Tudyk is supported by a talented cast, including Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees and Judah Prehn as 9-year-old Max.

Whenever I love a TV show it’s always for the same reasons. I care about the characters, the story surprises me, and there’s something I haven’t seen before. In this case the something new is Harry the alien and the way Tudyk plays him.

Harry is forced to stay in Patience, Colorado when his ship crashes and he loses a device intended to destroy all humankind. Harry’s people are descended from octopuses, and they’re not happy about what humans are doing to Earth.

To carry out his mission Harry has to blend in to avoid detection. The trouble is, he doesn’t do human very well. He’s rude, awkward and sometimes murdery. Yet despite all that he’s endearingly likeable with redeeming qualities.

For me, it was Harry’s social inappropriateness that made the show so funny. I also enjoyed watching him develop friendships with other characters.

Season one had some wonderful scenes. Watch out for the superhero hijabi bicycle scene, the cameo from the presenter of Ancient Aliens, and Asta’s bereavement hair cutting scene with her father. These touches gave the show a thoughtful and high quality feel.

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