See you in season two Carrie Bradshaw

And Just Like That has just completed its first season. Was the Sex and the City sequel any good? (Spoilers coming up.)

I enjoyed all 10 episodes and looked forward to their release each week. Mainly because it was good to see Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte on screen again. I’d happily watch them cleaning windows for 10 hours, I’m that nostalgic about the original Sex and the City.

The series didn’t deliver on everything I was hoping for. It seems like everyone is talking about the menopause these days. I assumed it would be mentioned in the show much more than it actually was. It barely got a look in.

Carrie had the strongest story in the series. In the first episode she lost her husband and in the tenth she scattered his ashes in Paris. My only issue with that was the quantity of ashes in Carrie’s handbag seemed suspiciously small!

I didn’t like Miranda’s story. At first it showed promise when she was bowled over by Carrie’s boss Che. Che was charismatic, good looking and highly intelligent. It was easy to see why Miranda was so impressed by them. But the way the story was written, it didn’t look as if Che was all that interested in Miranda. I was shocked when Miranda gave up a human rights internship for them. Miranda came across as a wet lettuce.

Charlotte, quite frankly, didn’t get enough airtime. There was an interesting but barely developed story about Charlotte’s non-binary child. Ooo, and Charlotte had a perimenopausal incident. That was a good scene.

And Just Like That wasn’t terrible. It’s probably fair to call it perfectly satisfactory. I’ll definitely watch the next season (if there is one). But next time, more romance, more career building, and more menopause please.

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