Is Dexter New Blood worth watching?

I didn’t know if I’d enjoy Dexter New Blood as I haven’t watched the original Dexter. But I needn’t have worried. The spin off works well as a complete story, and it’s not difficult to understand the references to the earlier series.

The show is set 10 years after Dexter Morgan’s apparent death in a hurricane. Of course, he’s not dead. He’s got a new name and he’s living in a woodland cabin in snowy, upstate New York. Nobody knows or suspects that he’s a serial killer.

I love Dexter New Blood for several reasons. Michael C. Hall is likeable and charming as Dexter. I can really understand why the original series lasted for eight seasons. I also love how Dexter narrates the action with a voiceover. The supporting characters are spot on (as the British say). Jack Alcott plays Dexter’s long-lost son Harrison with emotional depth and charisma. Julia Jones is superb as police chief Angela Bishop. The plot itself is also very good. I was left guessing right to the end.

Be warned that Dexter New Blood is quite gory in parts. When Dexter disposes of his victims he saws them into nine pieces, “depending on their size”. There are scenes of violence and forced imprisonment too.

Despite all the blood, there’s plenty of human relationship in this story. At times it’s even heart warming. I don’t usually score TV shows, but this time I give Dexter New Blood five stars out of a possible five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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