And Just Like That is just so good

I can’t imagine the cast of Friends getting back together to film a new tv series. But who knows? It might just work. This month the original team of Sex and the City, another 1990s American tv classic, have shown that sequels can be very good indeed. Of course, it helps when the writers and actors still have a story left to tell.

The new Sex and the City is called And Just Like That. I’ve watched the first three episodes and can’t wait for the fourth to be released this week. I’m already hooked by the beguiling mix of old and new elements.

What’s familiar about the show? Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are back and seem much the same as before. They’re still living in New York, and still love fashion, friends and trying to do well. But of course, almost twenty years have passed. That’s what makes And Just Like That feel like a new story. Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are now in their mid-fifties, and live accordingly. Their lives have moved on and this brings a freshness to And Just Like That. Spoilers coming up!!!

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines by now. In episode one there’s the sudden shock of Big’s death. The first three episodes are about how Carrie deals with this, but there’s other stuff too. Lawyer Miranda returns to uni to study for a Masters degree in Human Rights. She might have a drink problem, her marriage looks wobbly and she definitely fancies Carrie’s podcasting boss. Charlotte’s story so far is less event-oriented. But I’m really enjoying her scenes with family and with Carrie and Miranda.

Kim Cattrall doesn’t reprise her role as Samantha Jones. I thought I’d miss her, but really haven’t so far. There isn’t a moment to think about Samantha because Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have such a lot going on.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole series. If they don’t make a season two I will be very disappointed!

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