Who stars in “My Love from the Star”?

My Love From The Star is a South Korean romantic drama about an alien who falls in love with the nation’s number one actress. It first aired on SBS in December 2013. All 21 episodes are available to view on Netflix.

I’ve watched 14 episodes so far and I love it. My Love From The Star has more thrills and spills than Dynasty and Dallas put together. It’s got rivalries between actresses and their mothers, oodles of unrequited love, a hero with super powers, comic relief, flashbacks to 17th-century Korea, and a dastardly villain who looks like a Vogue model*. As I often say, what’s not to love?

The hero is a brilliant character. Do Min-joon never ages yet he’s over 400 years old. He came to Korea in 1609. He’s fabulously wealthy because he invested in land that later became Seoul. But he still works. Assuming different identities every ten years or so, he’s been a top surgeon, an astrophysicist, a bank worker, the co-founder of a university, and a university lecturer.

Do Min-joon is played by Kim Soo-hyun. Kim can also be seen on Netflix in the 2020 romantic drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. Since filming My Love From The Star he’s completed his military service, tried out to become a professional bowler, and appeared in five television dramas. In September 2021 Kim became a brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger.

The heroine of My Love From The Star is tv and movie actress Cheon Song-yi. This character’s vanity and pride could potentially have made her very unlikeable. She even rents an apartment in central Seoul just so she can see her picture on a giant billboard across the street! However, she’s not unlikeable. I think she’s brilliant. The events of the story bring out the best in the character, showing her to be resilient, plucky and insightful.

Cheon Song-yi is played by Jun Ji-hyun, also sometimes known as Gianna Jun. Jun stars in the Netflix show Kingdom: Ashin Of The North. In October 2021 her latest series, Jirisan, in which she plays a mountain ranger, began showing on tvN in South Korea.

*(I wouldn’t like to blog about My Love From The Star without mentioning supporting actor Shin Sung-rok. Shin plays Lee Jae-kyung, a conglomerate heir with striking good looks. The actor is famous in Korea for his roles in musical theatre and has recently played the lead in Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde.)

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