Is the new Sex and the City too woke?

Like Charlotte York Goldenblatt I also read the Daily Mail. And it hasn’t escaped my notice that many of its readers don’t like the new Sex and the City. “Too woke” is one of the most common complaints. The show certainly has changed since the 1998–2004 original, but is that a bad thing? Woke is... Continue Reading →

The Silent Sea: K-scifi equals Squid Game

I thought The Silent Sea would be a formulaic drama about astronauts in danger on the Moon. There’s not much on the lunar surface, so it’s hard to imagine how anyone could come up with an original story that goes beyond oxygen shortages, aliens or interpersonal tensions. But how wrong I was! The Silent Sea... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Up is annoying

Don’t Look Up is listed as a comedy on IMDb but it didn’t make me laugh. The movie’s message is way too serious for chuckles. On the surface it’s the story of two astronomers who struggle to convince people that a comet is heading for Earth. Of course, the comet is the climate crisis and... Continue Reading →

Why is Succession so popular?

Succession is a three-season family saga made for HBO and written by Jesse Armstrong. It’s received a plethora of awards and award nominations, including a BAFTA and an Emmy. The Guardian recently described the season three finale as “sheer, sinister perfection.” I remember seeing the trailer for the first season, back in 2018. It made... Continue Reading →

And Just Like That is just so good

I can’t imagine the cast of Friends getting back together to film a new tv series. But who knows? It might just work. This month the original team of Sex and the City, another 1990s American tv classic, have shown that sequels can be very good indeed. Of course, it helps when the writers and... Continue Reading →

Is Bulgasal any good? Episode 1 response

Hooray! There’s a new Korean drama on Netflix. This one’s called Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. It’s hard to say exactly what it’s about yet. Netflix is only releasing two episodes a week. The first one premiered on 18th December, 2021. From what we know after the first episode, it seems Bulgasal is a 600-year-long revenge story... Continue Reading →

The King: Two Koreas in parallel universes

K-dramas on Netflix often have rather uninformative English titles. The King: Eternal Monarch is no exception. For a long time I assumed it was a biopic set in the Joseon period. But it’s not. The King: Eternal Monarch is a modern urban fantasy set in South Korea and its parallel universe counterpart, the Kingdom of... Continue Reading →

Is My Love from the Star too cheesy?

My Love from the Star is credited with popularising Korean drama outside South Korea. The 21-episode romantic comedy first aired on SBS in 2013 and 2014. It now has classic status and is a must watch for K-drama fans. So, why is My Love from the Star so good? I resisted watching it for a... Continue Reading →

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