TV: Holo the nice Artificial Intelligence

Minor spoilers

I’ve just finished watching My Holo Love. The 12-part South Korean drama deserves a lot more attention than it receives. I think it’s one of the most original shows on Netflix. It’s a lovely romance and an interesting take on Artificial Intelligence.

I first blogged about My Holo Love when I was only half way through the season. At that point I was worried the story might end poorly, with the heroine’s face blindness being cured through the power of love. That doesn’t quite happen — but almost. In real life face blindness is a neurological disorder sometimes caused by brain injury and sometimes present from birth. Han So-yeon’s condition is psychosomatic, resulting from a traumatic event that turns out to be essential to the plot. I think My Holo Love does a great job of raising awareness of face blindness. But it’s a pity it doesn’t go the whole way in representing the condition.

That aside, everything else about My Holo Love is brilliant. The writers keep the plot going at a cracking pace right up to the finish. I enjoyed the attention they give to secondary characters. And there are even some dramatic fight scenes.

The best thing about My Holo Love is Holo, the Artificial Intelligence. He is such a likeable character. It makes a very nice change to watch a drama about a nice AI who isn’t out to kill everyone.

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