Who plays Bob Armstrong on Insatiable?

I’m half way through watching season two of Insatiable, a Netflix comedy set in the American state of Georgia. The first season of Insatiable was highly controversial due to the puzzling way that it satirised bigoted attitudes. Season two looks like a very different show. It’s less befuddling and far more openly progressive. Spoilers coming up.

The second season develops stories established in the first. One of the main characters in both is pageant coach and lawyer Bob Armstrong. I really like Bob. He has a lot to deal with, including the end of his marriage, coming out as bisexual, struggles to relate to his son and to his father, the discovery that his mother committed suicide, and his own mental health difficulties. And throughout all that, he is a caring father figure to troubled pageant contestant Patty Bladell.

Bob is played by Dallas Roberts (b. 1970). The Texas-born actor brings a great deal of sweetness and tenderness to the role. I find it hard to imagine Roberts in any other part!

It turns out Roberts is a very prolific performer. Since 1994 he has appeared in 45 different movies and TV series. In recent years you might’ve seen him in The Good Wife, Chicago P.D., or The Walking Dead. He also had a part in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. A full list of Dallas Roberts’s roles is on his IMDb page.

Insatiable ended after two seasons, so what’s Dallas Roberts doing now? IMDb says that his most recent project is Outpost, a horror movie directed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Joe Lo Truglio.

Dallas Roberts in Insatiable
Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan in Insatiable (Netflix)

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