Book review: Noodles by Jay Gould

Noodles is a horror novel about a small town battling a strange contagion. Something is transforming the townsfolk into flesh-eating monsters, and it’s out of control! It’s up to Sheriff Sherry Willis and her team to save the day, but will their efforts count against such an outrageous foe? Noodles is a story about ordinary people on an extraordinary day.

I’m blogging about Noodles because I received a free e-book in exchange for an honest review. Noodles is available to buy as an e-book or paperback on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet.

So, is this novel worth opening your wallet for? The answer’s yes – if you like action-packed stories reminiscent of TV disaster movies set in small town North America. As it happens, I do like those kinds of films.

Jay Gould is a very fine writer. I’d call his style “cinematic.” He’s great at setting scenes and delivering action. The first encounters with the monsters are absolutely memorable and would translate well into a movie. I really admire the way Gould structures the action in the story.

Gould writes great dialogue and his characters are believable too. He takes real care with both minor and major players. This gives Noodles a genuine feel, despite it being as otherworldly as The Thing. There are many scenes that I won’t hesitate to describe as a delight.

Despite all this, I’m not completely enthusiastic about Noodles. But that’s down to personal taste rather than anything else. It’s a bit gory; naturally so, given the subject matter. There are also a lot of fight scenes. I’ve never been a fan of reading those, even in that great classic War and Peace. I must emphasise that this criticism is a matter of taste. I’m sure there are many readers who will love Noodles for its pacy action.

Noodles isn’t Gould’s only work. The three novels of his Silk Road series are also for sale on Amazon. Reviewers on Amazon have left comments suggesting that the Silk Road series is fast paced, tense, a page turner, and a good mystery.

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