A brief word on pocket novels

Have you heard of pocket novels? I hadn’t. Then I saw them on sale in the magazine section of my local stationery shop. In the UK, pocket novels are novellas produced by magazines and marketed to their readers. The stories are usually uplifting and often in large, clear print.

I don’t read pocket novels all the time. But I think they’re very good reads for when you’ve got a lot of other things going on. If you’re having a stressful time or are busy travelling, a pocket novel can be ideal.

Two stories in the My Weekly Pocket Novel range have caught my eye this year. They are the science fiction romance A question of space and the summer romance Seaside secrets. I enjoyed both as examples of good storytelling.

A question of space is about Treya, an entertainer sent to Mars as a cultural ambassador. The story is mostly about Treya’s struggle to be taken seriously, but there’s a romance too. It’s not the most overtly romantic of romances. I mainly enjoyed it for the sci fi content.

Seaside secrets is about Meg. She’s a young chef who must rebuild her life after being jilted at the altar for the second time. By going to help her elderly second cousin, Meg finds new meaning, new friends and a new man. I liked this story because there were two men in the running for love interest. Author Toni Prette did a great job of maintaining the romantic tension right until the end of the book. (I think Meg chose the wrong one!)

I have a huge amount of respect for romances that inspire readers. Like Meg and Treya, we all experience disastrous or difficult situations. Reading about characters who overcome their problems can be a very positive thing.

Here are the details of the two pocket novels I’ve mentioned here. Please note that this is not a sponsored blog post.

A question of space by Ewan Smith. (Fantasy romance) No 2020

Seaside secrets by Toni Prette (Modern romance) No 2031

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