TV review: What’s Fleabag about?

Fleabag (2016–2019) is a two-season comedy-drama about a mischievous woman and her loved ones. The titular character, known only as Fleabag, lives alone in London and runs a guinea pig themed cafe. The episodes focus on her relationships with her successful, married sister Claire, her widowed father, his ghastly new partner, and a succession of... Continue Reading →

TV review: Shrill comedy shows subtle face of prejudice

Shrill (2019–2021) is a three-season comedy-drama set in Portland, Oregon. It stars Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant as twenty-something journalist Annie Easton. British comedian Lolly Adefope plays Fran, a hairdresser and Annie’s housemate. The show is known for its positive portrayal of plus-sized people and its critique of fatphobia. It follows Annie’s journey... Continue Reading →

TV review: Is Squid Game worth watching?

It seems that everyone loves Squid Game, the nine-part drama about a contest to win 38 million dollars (US). The South Korean Netflix show is popular with viewers across the globe. Why is that? At first glance Squid Game looks like just another survival saga. Several hundred players compete in a series of schoolyard games.... Continue Reading →

TV review: You Netflix

I really love You. The Netflix drama stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a book-loving serial killer with a very dry sense of humour. The three seasons follow Joe as he chases love interests in New York, LA and San Francisco. Some wits have compared Joe to Ted of How I met your mother. There... Continue Reading →

A brief word on pocket novels

Have you heard of pocket novels? I hadn’t. Then I saw them on sale in the magazine section of my local stationery shop. In the UK, pocket novels are novellas produced by magazines and marketed to their readers. The stories are usually uplifting and often in large, clear print. I don’t read pocket novels all... Continue Reading →

Book review: Wherever seeds may fall

First contact with extraterrestrial life is going to be complicated; if we know it’s coming. In Peter Cawdron’s Wherever seeds may fall, Earth has two months’ advance notice. The countdown starts when a comet begins to behave like a space ship. Cawdron’s novel shows just how complicated the situation will become if this scenario ever... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Gossip Girl (2007 to 2012)

I love the original Gossip Girl. This year I watched all six seasons as a first time viewer. The show held my interest over 121 episodes because it has some very strong will-they-won’t-they romantic storylines. These begin in the first season and aren’t tied up until the very end. Gossip Girl varies in tone across... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Midnight Mass Remarkable

Make sure you’re alert if you watch Midnight Mass. This Netflix miniseries is exceptionally heavy on the dialogue. You’ll still follow the plot if you zone out, but you might miss a lot of the texture. There are so many layers of meaning in Midnight Mass; it feels like a banquet. I think I’d have... Continue Reading →

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