TV Review: Nobody dies in Skarnes

I really enjoyed Post Mortem: Nobody dies in Skarnes (2021). This quirky Norwegian series is a fresh and original take on the vampire myth.

The vampire in this instance is care home assistant Live Hallangen. In the first episode she’s found dead in a field but doesn’t stay like that for long! When she wakes up and wants blood she has no idea why. Live’s bewilderment is a major element in the first season and part of what makes Post Mortem so original.

Live Hallangen, vampire
Live Hallangen

Live’s family run a failing funeral business in the small town of Skarnes. As the saying goes, nobody dies in Skarnes. That is, until Live’s adventures begin. Post Mortem is as much about the funeral business as it is about vampirism. That’s another reason why this comedy feels like a fresh take.

Live (Kathrine Thorborg Johansen) is great. The actor does a wonderful job of portraying her anxiety and confusion. However, my favourite character by far is Live’s brother Odd Hallangen (Elias Holmen Sørensen). I love Odd’s quiet desperation and how much he tries to do the right thing for his family. Odd’s best moments come in the last episode of season one. To avoid spoilers I won’t say more – except that I was really touched by his actions.

Odd Hallangen
Odd Hallangen

Aside from the Hallangens, the show’s other stars are the town’s police. André Sørum plays Reinert. He’s both in love with Live and suspicious of her in equal measure.

Reinert’s boss, Judith (Kim Fairchild) is my second favourite character after Odd. I really enjoyed her determination to get to the bottom of the mystery in Skarnes. Will she ever solve it? I guess we’ll have to wait for the next season to find out! The scenes where Odd and Judith work together are just terrific.

Reinert and Judith
Reinert and Judith

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