Quantum curators and urban fantasy

The Quantum Curators and the Faberge Egg

The last book I read was The Quantum Curators and the Faberge Egg by Eva St John. It’s the first in a series of novels about time travelling museum curators from a parallel Earth.

I enjoyed The Quantum Curators because it’s cheerful science fiction, rather like that cult tv classic Quantum Leap. It even follows a similar idea. In the tv show Dr Sam Beckett leaps through time to correct historical mistakes. In Quantum Curators, the curators go to different periods of our Earth’s history to save precious artefacts from destruction.

In this first book the artefact is a fabulous faberge egg, made for the Russian royal family. The egg is lost for a century, rediscovered, then fated to be crushed by a bus in Cambridge, UK. Quantum Curators follows the curators as they visit our Earth to hunt for the egg.

There are two reasons why I’d recommend this novel to you. Eva St John’s world building is lovely. Her curators come from the parallel Earth’s version of Egypt. In fact, they’re based at the great library of Alexandria! I also thought the characters were very likeable. I look forward to reading their next adventures!


I watch a lot of fantasy series on Netflix and enjoy most of them. One of my favourites is a French show, Mortel. This urban fantasy is about three older teenagers who get mixed up with a Voodoo god called Obé.

Mortel is uplifting in the way it depicts the friendships that develop between teens Luisa, Victor and Sofiane. I really loved seeing the characters grow through their support of each other. Overall though, Mortel is definitely not “fluffy.” The characters deal with some very significant problems, including mental illness, suicide and abuse.

Ragnarok and The Rain

This week I’m watching two Scandinavian Netflix shows. The Rain is a Danish series about young people dodging a killer virus carried in the rain. It’s quite bleak but I really like the characters.

Ragnarok is about supernatural beings in a small Norwegian town. I haven’t seen much of it yet. What I’ve seen so far intrigues me. Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres in print and on screen.

The Quantum Curators and the Faberge Egg Book Cover
Cover of The Quantum Curators and the Faberge Egg

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