Mortel on Netflix

I love Mortel. I finished watching the first season last night. This French-language original from Netflix is one of the best shows I’ve seen for a long time.

Mortel is about two teenagers who encounter a Voodoo god called Obé. I’m curious to know whether Obé exists in real life Voodoo. He doesn’t show up on Wikipedia. So I’m guessing the writers invented him. Do correct me if I’m wrong!

Whether Obé is real or not, he’s a fascinating, dangerous and deceitful character. Obé is played by Parisian actor Corentin Fila. I loved his styling, from his red hot coal glasses through to his scary god-voice.

Clockwise from the top: Obé, Victor, Sofiane and Luisa.

The two teens Obé meets are Sofiane and Victor. Streetwise and tough, Sofiane is looking for his missing older brother. Classmate Victor is recovering from a suicide attempt. He’s shy and hesitant, as different to Sofiane as chalk is to cheese. They’re not friends, so when events throw them together the tension builds.

I love the way Mortel develops the relationship between Sofiane and Victor. Over the season it calls for some very sensitive acting from Carl Malapa (Sofiane) and Nemo Schiffman (Victor).

No blog post about season one of Mortel would be complete without mention of Luisa, played by Manon Bresch. As the granddaughter of a Voodoo priestess she has a significant role in the story. I really enjoyed watching Luisa find her place in the world. I can’t say any more because that would be spoilers!

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