This is why I love Black Spot on Netflix

I really enjoy stories where the supernatural element is fairly subtle. I like it when it’s not clear if the ghosts are real or the characters are imagining things. That’s one of the reasons why I love Black Spot (Zone Blanche) on Netflix.

In Black Spot the supernatural element is the forest surrounding the fictional town of Villefranche in France. The locals know the forest is special. What makes it different is drip fed to viewers over two seasons.

I’m half way through season two. I really appreciated coming to this show without seeing any of the publicity. For the first few episodes of season one I wasn’t even sure whether it was a supernatural drama. I had to check the Web to see if it wasn’t just a crime show set in a forest.

Apart from not being too obvious about the spooky stuff, what else is good about Black Spot? A lot. The forest is beautiful for a start.

I also love the characters. My favourites are head of police Laurène Weiss, prosecutor Franck Siriani and police officer Martial Ferrandis (aka Nounours). Their personalities are well fleshed out, so they’re far more interesting than the archetypes we see in some horror films.

My absolute favourite is Nounours. He’s a gentle giant in a variety of hats. He reads Jane Austen, keeps a guinea pig and is great at his job. Of course, it also helps my opinion of him that Nounours is French for Teddy Bear.

The stories are good too. The show is a mix of individual criminal cases played out against longer running story lines. In season one the key storylines are the town mayor’s missing daughter and the presence of environmental activists. In season two there is a bit more of a focus on the mystery of the forest itself.

It’s not clear yet whether Black Spot will get a season three. I’ll keep all my fingers crossed for that one!

Siriani, Nounours and Weiss in Black Spot

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